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Pay attention to this list because you could be wasting time and money using one of the following services (scam = fraud, do not pay):

List of shorteners that do not pay

This is a list that will be expanded:

Logo of the shortener TmearnTmearn: For some people it still pays. Many of their payments also came to me, but not all and less and less. In addition, their delays are excessive, overcoming several months of delay. His rates are, in principle, great, although he only posts 1 visit per IP, from a minimum of 2.8, now raised to $ 3. In my case, Many payments are marked as sent but never arrived. Of course I contacted them without receiving any response.

Other shorteners that belong to the same owner:

  • was presented in society from the same site of Tmearn.
  • My last payment for Tmearn came with this sender.

Gramim shortener logo, which had a good position in the ranking, paid from a minimum of $ 1.85, including Spain and all of Latin America. An interesting novelty is that it counted up to 7 visits per IP every 24 hours. Now it's irrelevant, because we will not receive a penny! already has all the looks of being scam.

  • It is the new domain of this shortener. Equally scam.

Getsurl shortener logoGetsURL, it's not legit. It is of Arabic origin and I can not login. I have contacted the support and although in the first instance they have answered me, once exposed the problem I have not heard from them again. Apparently when someone asks for payment they cancel the account. A full-blown robbery.

Shortening Okeio logo

From some users had already reported that they have been waiting for payment for more than a month. Until recently it was not my case, but now it is. I have been waiting for my payment for more than a month and it has not arrived yet. It seemed like a good shortener, but it has become a fiasco.

Urly shortener logoIn they have blocked my account, thus losing access to my account. It stood out for the minimum CPM for the vast majority of countries, being this established at 2.2 $ per thousand visits. The reason for the blockade was probably because I considered it scam in my blog. This was due to unjustified and prolonged delays in payments. The answer of the administrator you already know.

Adpopme shortener logoIn some time ago they have delays and now they are totally unpaid. At the beginning there were long delays to receive payments, maybe even more than a week, now the months are over. You have to stop using it as soon as possible.

Shorten Link4me logo

From I still could not charge and I can not access my account anymore; apparently they have removed from my story to have blocked. I do not know the reason, whether it is intentional or not, but I do not care; their rates were very low, so much that it was not worth trying. They can already give you cheese.

Shortening was a classic and to my knowledge nobody complained about defaults. However, from one day to another the site apparently stopped working. When visiting the main page an advertisement is shown that has nothing to do with the shortener.

Shortening logo worked well for a season and was a shortener with very good rates. Apparently everything was fine, although some problems arose, and it seems that finally has decided to keep the payments. I can not confirm it but as a precaution I will consider it scam. shortener logoAs for I had some doubts. I have been warned that it could have turned into fraud. In my particular case I have to say that yes I received a payment from this shortener last year. In any case it is not possible to connect to the site and recently had a prolonged threat of virus according to Avast.

Logo of the shortener ZlshorteWith it happens to me that I can not access the site or reset the password. In this case I had already received several payments and they had contacted me, although their support email gives errors and it seems that messages do not reach them. I do not know what crossed their minds but I have deleted the user and left without access.

urlcloud had an excellent start but the loss of his Adsense account upset the success that this shortener was having. A new shortener was created and he promised to send the payments he had blocked. Of this it has to do already years, reason why I happen to consider it scam, in the hope that this is solved.

Shortening does not pay (and it seems already closed). It is a relatively recent shortener that ensures paying for the thousand visits starting at $ 3.2 and has many payment methods. Everything is useless because the payments never arrive. A total scam.

Logo of the shortening, it seems that it is already closed, because it shows an error 500 on your site. After requesting the last payment (they owe me several already) the administrator of has decided to block me from the system. If this is how they treat partners, surely users will be similarly disappointed in the future. Better to avoid.

More shorteners that can be scam, but I've never mentioned in this blog:

  • A user reported in January that he has been waiting for his payment since November.
  • was reported not only for not paying, but for deleting user accounts.
  • Although it made several payments, also unpaid, both even in the same user.
  • Eg4link: A user has told me that he does not pay, although he does not really know it first-hand.
  • They assure me that he stopped paying.
  • Shrinkbucks now They assure that they do not pay. Source here.
  • It says to send payments that finally never arrive. More info here.
  • They assure me that it is scam here.
  • They tell me that it is scam and had problems with Adsense. It also shows full screen advertising on your homepage.
  • In addition to exaggerated rates, for some internet sites it is said to be scam.

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