Oke.io: An elegant link shortener with even better rates

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Since May 2017, this shortener does not usually meet payment deadlines. Although they are all arriving, they do so with a lot of delay (or surely they do not arrive, MUCH CAUTION). If you decide to use it, keep this in mind when charging.

Oke.io (here alternatives) is a new link shortener that is very reminiscent of Ouo.io at its best. Oke.io presents even more payment methods, and what is probably more important; better payment rates.

Oke.io: A shortener who pays, confirmed

The payments are already confirmed, although with small delays, all the payments requested reached their recipients, including myself. So far no major problems are known, so pay attention.

The domain of Oke.io was registered on January 26, 2016, however it does not work since then as a shortener, but its service to this last effect dates from December 27, 2017 (I know thanks to Wayback Machine).

Technical aspects and most noteworthy features

Its support is only available in English and the graphical interface, although it does not contribute anything new, it is a breath of fresh air between both clones, although it is still one of these.

Of course we will have all the tools that are expected from any shortener; massive shorteners, scripts for websites (which I recommend not to use for most cases).

Nor will we miss a reliable, intuitive and easy to use system. Do not forget to review the conditions of the service; Traffic from sites and adult content is prohibited.

Payment rates and number of visits per IP

Oke.io counts multiple visits, counting up to 3 visits from the same IP every 24 hours. This means that your income can increase more than 300% compared to other shorteners.

On the negative side we have Oke.io, it is showing too many pop ads lately. In the last visits I was able to post up to 6 pop ads to be able to access the destination link.

From a minimum of $ 2.20, most countries even improve this rate, raising it to $ 2.40, for every thousand visits. This rate of $ 2.40 is indicated for Spain and all of Latin America.

Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom list the thousand visits over $ 6. They are therefore much more than interesting rates. You can check the rates always updated on shorteners.net.

Minimum, waiting time and ways to receive payments

We can collect our balance from $ 5 minimum balance, every day through Bitcoin, PayPal, Tez & Paytm and Skrill (Payza no longer seems to be included).

They ensure to send it in no more than a single day (usually delayed). It is supposed to work, is not allowed to contact to ask about the payments during that time.

Available on Lanza.me, shorteners.net and UMS

Oke.io is present in both shorteners.net, as we have already indicated, as in Lanza.me and UMS.

With Lanza.me you can convert your links into links of many other shorteners, as is the case of Oke.io. You can also do this as many times as it suits you. In this way you can change the links you want from one to another shortener, with the advantages that entails.

In URL Multishortener or UMS you can shorten very easily and in a few steps short links of the pages in which you are with Oke.io. These links go to your clipboard, so you have them ready to paste where you want. All of them without logging in or visiting the shortening page.

Have you already tried this shortener? how about?

Link and registration: oke.io (I recommend not using it)
Here alternatives: shorteners that pay the most

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