New features, options and shorteners in URL Multishortener

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URL Multishortener is now available with all the previous improvements and more in Firefox. Previously the extension in this browser did not come incorporating the most recent improvements that presented for Chrome and Opera, but it is not like that.

In case you do not know what URL Multishortener is; It is the first and best extension that allows you to shorten the addresses of the pages where you are with the largest collection of shorteners who pay to share.

Now available with all its features in Firefox

Although it was the first browser for which it was launched, the transition between the browser APIs was not as agile as it should be and many options were not available, so UMS in Firefox was not only without the improvements , but also without many important shorteners.

If you are a UMS user in Firefox, both Quantum and in some of the previous versions – and except in exceptional cases -, all the later ones, you can use UMS with all its fullness. Hey, Firefox is now much faster than Chrome.

The contextual menus of the shorteners have been improved

The contextual menus of the shorteners have been improved. Now they look better adapting to the environment of the extension so that there are no parts that can not be seen.

It would be ideal if these menus were shown with a defined width and standing out from the main menu of the extension, but at the moment I could not manage to do this.

As usual, new shorteners have been added

Also new shorteners were added to the extension that you already have ready to use from a while ago:

Since October of last year both and are available (which I have to warn that it is SCAM and will be removed). On December 18, I added Tmearn, as well as and Linclik.

Other additions were;,, Gold Shorten. Other newer ones are also;, as well as and (both, the latter, with an incredible minimum fee of $ 3 CPM.

In addition, all these shorteners are also present in At the same time, is also available within URL Multishortener.

New option: you can hide shorteners

There is already a shovel of shorteners. Every day there is more and more and the number of them begins to be considerable. Although there is already a tab to place your favorites, now there is a new option to solve this; hide shorteners

Now you can hide the shorteners that give you the most rage. All you have to do is open the extension, find the shortening and display its context menu. Below the menu you will find an option called “Hide shortener”.

Once employed the shortener in question will disappear from the tabs. If you have saved credentials are deleted, they are also removed from favorites if you had them there.

If you want to see shorteners that have been hidden again, you can do it from the button that you will find in the configuration of the extension.

New feature: Custom aliases are ready

It is now possible to establish the alias or identifier of short links. In this way you can get shortened links more descriptive.

All you have to do is, once the extension is open and locate the shortener you want to use, display the options of the shortener with the secondary mouse button and choose “Shorten with aliases”. Not all shorteners offer this possibility, but all those who offer it have this option in UMS.

A new panel will appear in which you can enter the desired alias. If that alias is not available, the action to be taken depends on the shortener. Some shorteners send the short link with a new random alias, while others throw an error. In this last case it will be necessary to reuse the option and choose another different alias.

More and better notifications

Added more notifications that will make the extension more intuitive and allow you to know, if what happens, what is wrong.

This will help to know if the problem is the credentials of the API, itself, some parameter or the site in general. This will make it easier to find the solution.

Among them we have:

  • Errors and warnings: In some shorteners (all the most recent ones), when a response is received that is not the expected one: there are several types of errors that can be detected and offer a solution, in addition to many others that will be notified with their message corresponding error.
    • These errors can be returned by the shortening API. They can be of the type “invalid URL”, “invalid API token” or “invalid API call”.
    • Other errors can be HTTP status codes. In this case the typical 4xx or 5xx If an error of this type is received also, along with a simple description, it will be indicated.
    • Other less likely error messages may also appear, such as problems that may appear internally in the APIs or having chosen one that was not due.

When possible, the extension will give you extra information to solve this problem. In any case if someone needs to contact me for this reason it would be very useful to specify the error.

A very light extension that consume minimal resources

URL Multishortener not only occupies very little space on your hard drive (it weighs less than 1.5 MB, including all the images with the shortening logos), it also makes good memory management.

Now the extension “sanitizes” the data, in several phases. Before, when a shortener disappeared, the data (credentials and order) of this was retained, which could cause the favorites tab not to show the message it shows when there is none, and, although very little, it consumes resources. This will not happen now.

It also solves a daily problem that occurs when the credentials for APIs request an “endpoint”, instead of a key. Since this is a URL, many users usually include the example that usually accompanies it. The extension will eliminate that example for us and keep it without it for a use with less contingencies.

These improvements or part of them may not yet be present in the versions for Firefox and more likely in Opera, where they usually take longer to approve the new versions. If you still do not see any updates, it will be soon soon.

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