New feature in TEA: Do not miss the awards in Fancitos and DameFans

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There were interesting developments in TEA; the first extension to improve the experience in traffic exchange sites. The most important of them is as practical as it is easy to use. I tell you first because for the end there is more:

What does TEA do? It mainly shows the remaining time so you can jump or close the page in the most popular internet traffic exchange sites. You know the most popular sites and you have them always accessible, among other things.

Have you ever lost an award in Fancitos or Damefans?

Does not it give you a tremendous rage to lose the prizes on the traffic exchange sites? In EasyHits4U that theme has been solved for a long time; In this fantastic site, TEA is able to block, until you request, the captchas of the pages with prizes so you do not miss a single one.

This we could do before, it goes on the same wavelength.

However, in places like DameFans and ComparteUnClick, the prizes are delivered differently; After completing a certain number of actions (called clicks in both) and having spent 24 hours since the last request, we have until the end of the day to request the daily bonus or bonus again.

TEA already tells you the time and time it takes to start a new day in all the included sites (feature that works correctly in this version), for the sites in your favorites tab. However, this may not be enough. One more help will come great.

New feature: Receive notifications when your prize is ready (or almost)

From now on, you can ask TEA to send you a notification when your prize is ready. And the best yet; in a very practical and simple way. All you have to do is visit the awards page and use the button that you will find there.

TEA will take the time indicated there to show you a notification. For convenience, the notification itself will include another button so you can visit the awards page, immediately and thus make the request without further delay.

A new button appears

Keep in mind that these sites round out the time; when an hour and 59 minutes are missing, they indicate that one hour is missing, ignoring the minutes. The same happens with the minutes, although we do not care so much in this case. Either way, I've thought about it.

If after you have been notified you have opened the prize page and it is still not available for the minutes or seconds that are missing; you only have to press the same button again before the notification is updated with the new time.

You can use the button as many times as you want, only the last request to show the notification will be taken into account. Since the time specified by the page does not change unless it is recharged, the button is disabled once it is pressed but is re-enabled when reloading or returning to the page.

Obviously you have to have the computer on and the browser open to view it. Depending on the latter and the operating system, the notification may not appear once the device has been activated again.

Other news to make your stay better

The contextual menu that you can find when you right-click on the services within the extension has been improved. Now it looks better; adjusting to the width of the extension so that it is always completely visible. The icons have also been improved.

Until now there was a problem in EasyHits4U; the navigation could slow down because the extension was fired several times within this same site. He still does it but about thirty times less. If you still notice that the navigation is slow on this site, it would be enough to refresh the page. However, I'm still working on making it work perfectly.

Now it has a design with less contrast. TEA also takes care of your retinas. I've also put a button on in the 'More' section. At the moment it is allowed to use in these sites, so do not repair it if you want to.

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