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Have you seen a shortener that offers you more money than an engineer job at NASA? Maybe more visits per connection than advertisers in your country? There are chances that you are facing a scam.

Inquisitor of shorteners

Although it is not always the case, many shorteners offer these conditions that they can hardly fulfill and they do not have to be SCAM (scam). It is a temporary strategy to get users, and over time reduce their rates to more sustainable numbers.

But you have to be careful, because it would not be the first time that a shortener becomes fraud before lowering their rates. Here a little help to know:

How to know if a shortener is fraudulent or potentially SCAM

I also include risks that lead the hypothetical shortener to close. It would not be SCAM but the effect on our income would be the same.

1.- Disappearance of social profiles, Skype, etc.

This case is probably very obvious and not very useful because it is not usually given until the water is at neck level, but that does not mean you should discard it.

It is logical that when the owner or administrator of a shortener does not want to receive queries, and maybe insults, close their social profiles. White and bottled.

2.- Impossibility of making DMCA claims

If a shortener does not have a form or contact way to make claims for copyright infringement (for example, the link to content protected by intellectual property), it is at risk.

It's not that it's going to turn into fraud because of this, but it would be worse. The shortener would cease to exist, at least in the same location and it would not be possible to redirect from the old domain to the new one.

The DMCA has mechanisms that allow blocking access to domains. Although it is a North American law, many countries adhere to it or create similar laws. In addition virtually all major hosting and DNS services are local companies and the peel is peel.

This is what surely happened to (now and surely many others (being able to have closed and not block the domain). Fortunately, their large user base allowed them to continue to exist, but many abandoned it because of this or because of this reason.

3.- Private with Paypal Businnes account

It is not easy to detect if a payment has not yet been received. Furthermore, it is not only a problem with consequences that can be catastrophic (especially for the owner), but it is not known when it can burst. I explain:

For shorteners who make a large amount of payment it is interesting to use a Paypal company account because they give access to the API to make payments programmatically, which helps in the burden of sending them.

However, I think that few realize that if you use this type of account when you are an individual, before a Paypal requirement to verify that it is indeed a company the card holder, the user can see all your money disappeared for breaking the rules (was what happened to

4.- More than $ 3 CPM; SCAM insurance

When a shortener offers $ 3 or more for whatever the country may not last long.

5.- The same for more than 5 visits per IP

Advertisers also have a limit, not that there are many international advertisers, except for specific countries. The more visits we give to the same advertiser, the less you want to pay for it. So the price of advertising is reduced throughout the day, which is the period established for online advertising.

If a shortener counts more than 5 visits from the same connection, and worse, does not lower the price of it, it is possible that he is looking for a reputation that he does not want or can maintain and ends up going into losses, or even before them, decide to stop paying.

If you used, you sure know what I'm talking about. This shortener assured to pay 7 visits for IP, now it does with 0.

6.- Prolonged and / or continuous delays in payments

When the administrators of the shorteners (whose 99% are clones) start their work surely do not expect to be all day trying to win users and then making payments. Surely it is something more tedious than they thought at first.

Watch out. When a shortener begins to neglect their own deadlines for sending money, something is likely to go wrong, and it does not have to be precisely the online advertising market. Let's not trust, then, if there is no other apparent reason.

7.- Asking on specialized sites

In groups of FB, as Users of link shorteners, they are the ideal places to have quick answers and assurances from people who use this type of tools.

You will really be surprised at all the information we can have when we come together to share it.

8.- An Internet search

Of course, a simple search on the Internet will also be a barbaric utility. You have to read carefully when a user says that a shortener is SCAM and the deadline to receive the payment has not yet expired.

Many people get nervous if more than one day passes, however very few shorteners deliver the money in such a short period of time.

9.- Use URL Multishortener, and

If it is not in URL MultiShortener it is still not sure that it is a reliable shortener. In it usually happens the same. Use these tools to know and use only recommended shorteners.

On the other hand, is a meta-linker, which will allow you to change the shortener at any time for all your links.

In my blog list I also have SCAM shorteners, however, they are not all, because I only highlight those who once dedicated a line.

What do you think? Do you have another method to detect shorteners that may be fraudulent?

Discover here the shorteners that pay the most and are not scam.

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