Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have arrived until here, it is for something. What doubts and questions without answer?, are you new and even andas lost something? Below I present a list of the most frequently asked questions that the users I have formulated over time, I hope it helps.

How do I register or how do I start?

The Chest Money is a web site or blog (you name it) informative. This means that neither you will need to register and you will begin to earn money here. What you will find is a lot of information about pages, platforms and online businesses that will allow you to earn money. Each page, platform or business that promocioné will be accompanied by an article by way of tutorial where I explain everything you need to start working on it. Pay attention and please read, is all or almost all explained.

I need to work!

And hopefully find a good job, but here, in the Chest Money does not give you work, sorry. As I said earlier this is a web site or informational blog and I am a normal user like you who simply share my experience and knowledge in what to earn money on the Internet is concerned.

How you can really earn money on the Internet?

Earn money on the Internet is a reality, there are infinite possibilities to do so. Obviously not, you’ll start to earn large amounts of money in one or two days, or much less, this requires time, effort and above all perseverance. If you think that a couple of days for results, this is not your thing, trust me. On the contrary, if you are a consistent person and that you actually have interest, I encourage you to try it, the results will end up coming.

Do I have to pay or invest money to get started?

No, absolutely nothing. Obviously leaving aside the sections of investments all pages and platforms to earn money that you’ll see here are 100% free.

How can I earn money on the Internet?

There are many possibilities to earn money on the Internet, from reading emails, completing surveys, viewing ads, through mobile apps and a long list of actions and tasks that you will bring many benefits.

Can I know how much money will I earn?

Calculate the gains, it is something very difficult, as it depends on many factors. You’ll be able to win from cents, euros to hundreds of euros. It all depends on the time, perseverance, work and investment that you use or are willing to employ in building a website or blog of your own.

To finish, here is a small dictionary with terms that are very common and we see it very often in the online business that you will be very useful, especially if you are new to this ‘scene‘.

ADS: Advertising. Advertisement, used for a multitude of platforms to earn money.

Ad-Focus: In the case of the PTC ads that require the viewing mandatory (without the possibility to minimize it) from beginning to end.

Adpacks: Package points/credits for advertising that last a time you will generate profits.****

Ban: Deletion of an account, usually by abuse.

Captcha: a Test used to determine whether the user is human or a bot.

Cashback: Money generated when you make a purchase on particular web pages. The percentage is higher or lower depending on the online store.

Commissions: the Amount charged for performing the transaction, normally to withdraw money from a page to a bank account or payment processor.

Downline: a distributor Network under the upline.

Fees: Fees charged by payment processors.

Grid: Popular ‘mini-game’ that consists in going beyond a certain number of boxes. These boxes typically display advertising, or ads, to change this we have a small chance to win prizes or points depends on the web pages.

Link referral: referral Link to register on a page, making the user automatically in your referral. (A referral of the owner of such a link.)

Memberships: websites that offer a certain product/s or information, to which you have access through payment (single or monthly).

OfferWall: Intermediaries between advertisers and developers (of certain pages either games or ads**) that offer a platform for users to purchase virtual money by performing some action required by the advertiser.**

Payment processors: a Medium through which you can make purchases on the internet, to receive payments (and do conversions of different currencies).

PTC: stands for Paid-To-Click and make reference to pages that pay you for viewing ads.

Referrals rented: a User who is not referred to anyone that the webs used to give it on rent to users who want to rent them. Your rental has a cost.

Direct referrals: the User that is logged in to a particular website through your personal link.

Revshare: Revenue Share (share income) are platforms that deliver a percentage of their total sales among all its users who have an AdPack.

Scam: a Scam, fraud. Term associated with pages you have left to pay.

Surf/Autosurf: traffic Generation through promotion programmes of visits. There is the manual (Surf) and the automatic (Autosurf). The first requires verification while the second one asks to have the browser maximized looking for quality visits. All of this translates into more visitors to our website in exchange for visiting others.

Task: Task. Activities to be performed on certain pages that receive money in exchange.

Upline: Sponsor invites others (downline) to develop a business.

WithDraw-Payout: Withdraw funds/profits.

PTR: Paid to Read, which is a term that refers to websites that pay you to read/open emails.

Bot: a computer Program that mimics human behavior.

Payment Proof: Proof of payment (proof that shows that a page has paid)