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There were news, and in this post I present them to you. If you want to know more about visit this section of the blog.

More data added and a review of the statistics

Some time ago I commented that there had been changes in the statistics again. We will look more at those statistics because they have some options that would be interesting to explain.

As sure you already know, in you can check statistics at the link level and year or month. It is possible to do it at day level but at the moment that option is not available for any user.

The changes in the statistics do not come only up there:

  • Data about the type of device has been collected for some time now; PC, tablet or phone and they are already shown in the statistics section so they can be consulted.
  • More data has been added: references (the domains from which the link is accessed). We will also keep in mind the total number of visits, of the year or of the month (as requested).
  • Now the statistics are private, only the user who created the link has access to them. Maybe in the future add an option to change this. You have to have for that, to consult them, the session started.
  • Remember that it is as simple as adding / stats or / visits to the same shortened link. There is also an option in the links panel.
  • Other added improvements are the automatic redirections that are obtained when inserting dates that do not exist in the route to consult the statistics. Previously these routes were not optimized and it took several seconds to respond. Now always in a very short time:
  • When we insert a date; year, month or future day we will be redirected to the most recent date. In the case of inserting a past date for which there is no data, we will be redirected to the oldest date.
  • Additionally, to make these redirections more intuitive, you have added “flash” alerts that will show information about the redirection (see the previous image). This way you will know at all times where you were sent and why.
  • The visualization of the graphics has been improved. Although they now maintain a fixed size, this allows them to be easily consulted on any device.

Remember to see the statistics of your links, in addition to having a direct access in the links panel, it would be enough to add “/ stats” plus the date, to the route. In this way (without the 2 points and replacing the id_link with the id of our link):

  • Do nots will redirect to the current year automatically, if this does not exist it sends us to the last year for which there is data.
  • It sends us to the selected year that is the inserted one, if it exists, if it is too low it will take the oldest year, if it is higher it will take the current one.
  • We will check the month, if not, it will send us to the last month for which there is data for that year, but it will use the year in which the file was created.

In case you do not like too much of the English language and / or do not control the selectivity of your memory, I have added more keywords that you can use in the site of “/ stats”, so the possibilities are:

  • stats | statistics | statistics | visits | visits | s | v

There are other words that will take you to the year or month

  •, m, month)
  •, year, year)

These keywords to replace stats do it completely, so they can also be used with a date. A) Yes:


Will lead to:


The following URL:


Will lead to:


Your sorted links: You can now group them

From the 26th of January there is the possibility of grouping links. These groups of links will only ask you for a name to title them.

You can create as many groups as you want and restore the links, as well as change the name of the group (by selecting all the links of a group and create a new one with them) and ungroup the links you need.

I find it more interesting than paging because we can quickly select all the links that belong to a group to be edited en bloc. mine Monero and other cryptocurrencies

Two days later, on January 18, began to mine monero. If I'm not mistaken, it's the first shortener that allows this to be done.

It is a new type of intermediate page to which you can convert your shortened links in With it you will get Monero through the browser of your visits. To use it, just convert the links from to this new type, called Minador.

Use the CoinImp script and to use it (for the moment it is necessary to be a VIP user) just add our service ID mentioned so that executes it and displays a message for us on said external pages.

There are drawbacks. Mainly the antivirus, which led to another problem, already solved: Now you can always access the destination link, not yet using the equipment to mine. Otherwise, some antivirus prevent the page from functioning normally and could happen that the user could not access the destination link, which would be fatal.

Intermediate pages canonized with the destination link

From January 30 the links that have a link type with intermediate page (external, referrals and mineralogist) have a new tag that allows to have more information automatically on the landing pages.

For example, inserting these links in social media posts will show thumbnails (URLs, titles, favicons and an image) of the page whose long link we have shortened (if I am not mistaken, when the destination page has enabled the Twitter Cards), and not the data. The same happens within the pages of

Get referrals to all the major shorteners

On February 9, the referral programs of the main shorteners in the links of this type have been added.

That is, now you can get referrals through the links of with the type of page referred to (an intermediate page in which you can show different referral programs).

3 hours of hacker attack, not a minute of dropped links

This February 12 the first DDoS attack was received on that tried to make use of the buffer overflow.

Fortunately was ready. For example, in the API to shorten links there is a limit from the beginning, which the attacker had to respect, since one of the attack vectors was to shorten the API.

The attack lasted for 3 hours, making about 10,000 requests per minute. I was overwhelmed by the sessions that, fortunately, were not saved on the same server and I was able to detect them in time.

The hosting service that uses stoically endured the attack (and that was not paying for it or a hard at that time).

The links worked well and all user data was safe also all the time. All the attacker got was to close the possibility of logging in and creating new links at that time.

Protection against attacks has been improved

Also now is better protected. This attack led me to look for solutions, and I found a very good one. I do not give more details so as not to compromise security.

In summary; may not appear but is sophisticated in its security. There is still no secure protocol, which is a fault, but in this case the solution is simple and not totally indispensable.

More accurate statistics avoiding your visits

This February 18, an option was added that you can activate or deactivate from the account settings page.

It is about the possibility of avoiding your visits to your own links. In this way you can be sure that the data shown in the statistics of the links are only from your visits, and that you have not influenced anything about them.

Direct to the destination of any link, if you are VIP

From the same day an interesting feature is present. Now VIP users can activate an option, also available from the account configuration section, which will transform the way they are redirected in the links.

This is the “VIP redirection”, when it is activated (it is necessary to have a VIP account) all the links of all users will behave as if they were direct. That is, the VIP user that has this option activated can immediately access the landing pages of whatever the link is.

Youtube videos as 'external pages'

From dawn on February 24 is compatible with YouTube. When you insert the URL of a YouTube video as an external page, the shortener will detect it and show it occupying the full width of the screen when users visit the link.

VIP users can configure these pages to play the video automatically, which will get more visits.

There were some other minor improvements spread across all the sites. Those included in this entry were the most outstanding, what do you think? Do you have any suggestion?

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