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AirTm is a cloud system to send and receive money. Much better than Paypal, which is a simple processor, AirTm allows you to have a dollar account in which to receive or send income that can be associated with different processors and electronic wallets.

AirTM: Manage your money at your whim with this hybrid between processor and exchange

AirTm It works like an online wallet and a coin exchange through money transfer services. With an account in place we can send, receive and withdraw money.

AirTm is an American company, but not from the US, but from Mexico. Given the devaluation of many national currencies, the founders of the site saw the need to allow anyone who wishes to have access to money in different currencies.
These are the main features of the service:

  • Save and send American dollars.
  • Send and receive money from anywhere in the world.
  • Have access to many payment methods such as; Paypal, Neteller, Amazon Cards & many more.
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

AirTM was also the first startup in Latin America to announce its ICO (Initial Offer of Currencies), this being done in London, raising in the first 24 hours, 70% of the capital set at 1 million dollars (it finally doubled the amount fixed).

How the AirTM system works

Receive and send money to other AirTm accounts: It's as simple as doing it to any other wallet, all without leaving the place. For example, just add Bitcoin or Ethereum accounts to receive the income to our respective wallets.

Withdrawals of money in local currency: They are made through “cashiers”, who are no more than individuals or businesses that are responsible for sending the money to local currency. The system looks for the best cashier for you. As is logical, ATMs will retain a commission.

The system is safe: because AirTM retains the money you send to the cashier before it is provided in another currency. Once you confirm that the cashier delivered your money, AirTM will release it to the teller on the platform.

Exchange rate: between the currencies is calculated according to the offer and demand in AirTM and is shown in the upper part of the panel of our account.

Referral Program: Give 1 and win 2 $

In AirTM we will have a referral program. This is activated with the activity of the account. In my case, after I created it, I requested a payment from Urlcloud, which in a matter of minutes gave me access to the referral program.

With this we can get 3 dollars, which will be divided into 1 for the new user and 2 for the one who invited it. The money will appear in the account as soon as the guest user receives a few dollars.

For the registration, click on the text entry for the country to display the menu that will allow you to choose it. Otherwise, you will not be able to start the registration (it is very fast).

Have you tried it? Is not it great?

Note: UrlCloud has your Paypal account restricted at this time. This is the most recommended option to charge.

Link and registration:

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